Is it possible to mistake the difference between your soulmate and the love of your life? Many of us blend the two together, looking for that one person who comes with the package deal. I know the two pretty much seem the same, but in reality our soulmate is someone who truly understands the trenches we've gone through, because they've been in war with the same thing. They understand why we show the world a smile, but on the inside only wants to burst into tears. They understand why tears quietly fall on our pillow in the middle of the night, because what we've been battling about all day finally wins. Our soulmate knows what makes our heart do backflips from pure joy, or how to counteract our very next sentence with the thought we decided not to say in the first place. What if while we're waiting for our souls to connect with the love, we miss out on what's in front of us. The love of our life comes in and listens to the things you've been through, and sympathizes. They are the fine tuning comfort we need after a long day at work. They strive toward keeping you from harms way at any given moment. The love of our life knows just the spot to kiss on the small of your back as they massage you. Or when to give you your space because you've gotten so worked up, and when to hold you so tightly you can't catch a breath and never let go. When you meet the love of your life you know that's the person you'll marry, have kids, and grow old with. Your soulmate is that person you never want to lose, and that person you can take to the grave, while you compare similar scar wounds. The love of your life and soulmate bare a thin line between the two. Some are even lucky enough to win the golden ticket, with a two in one combo. A wasted life is a life of waiting. Go out there and find the love of your life, your soulmate will come when it's time. Souls have a funny way of tracking each other.

                                                   - the late bloomer