let’s play a game




let’s play a game

hasbro won’t know

here are the rules

much simpler than school

everyone gets a gun

i promise it’ll be so much fun

even tommy and chuckie, you betta run run run

let’s play a game

spraying everyone in sight

once you make it to the palace

you deserve a chalice

let’s play a game

making it look so easy

you must be an expert

i’ll let you practice with my nephew, before he gets his growth spurt

let’s play a game

with handhelds, rifles, even automatics too

active gameplay every breath, but… you knew

be the first to a game topping kill streak

everyone should feel your wrath

make em’ feel week

11 killings in five days

what a hell of a peak

hoping the one with the concealed weapon doesn’t cheat

let’s play a game

oozies, bazookas, choppas galore

i see them creeping around the corner, it’ll be best to hit the floor

popping off innocence and wonderment of the eye, just for that high score

let’s play a game

till the game system shuts off.