twenty-five years

rain drops fall rapidly from the sky

as they find their way through the crevices of my skin

I turn within and seek

on this day intended for me and my birth

exalting in my ascension from earth

from once I grew and now I stand

I’m grateful for the moments that have gotten me here

It’s my obligation to hold them near

and seek understanding in its life lesson

using knowledge as a weapon of protection

against self-doubt or neglection

I open

to the willingness of truth

planting the root of discovery and change

so beneficial to our interior design

walking with footsteps matched to the rhythm of my stride

collection evidence of pride stretched deep and wide

from the depths of my soul

the chemical euphoric reaction is impactful

rain drops no longer soak into me.


let’s play a game




let’s play a game

hasbro won’t know

here are the rules

much simpler than school

everyone gets a gun

i promise it’ll be so much fun

even tommy and chuckie, you betta run run run

let’s play a game

spraying everyone in sight

once you make it to the palace

you deserve a chalice

let’s play a game

making it look so easy

you must be an expert

i’ll let you practice with my nephew, before he gets his growth spurt

let’s play a game

with handhelds, rifles, even automatics too

active gameplay every breath, but… you knew

be the first to a game topping kill streak

everyone should feel your wrath

make em’ feel week

11 killings in five days

what a hell of a peak

hoping the one with the concealed weapon doesn’t cheat

let’s play a game

oozies, bazookas, choppas galore

i see them creeping around the corner, it’ll be best to hit the floor

popping off innocence and wonderment of the eye, just for that high score

let’s play a game

till the game system shuts off.

dumb mothafucka

the essence of intimacy was ripped from me so slowly and passionately that I could not see that you had a hold of me taking control of me. I thought you were the soul in me but you are the lowest inhabitants of a human being. Even in the presence of scum. You make me numb you dumb mothafucka.

breath and electricity

I’ve always wondered if people can share the same fantasies. Sensational residue from the ink left running down my arm as your hand runs up my back.

A moment.

Active breath and electricity. I’m open and afraid. I would say you take my breath away, but that’s just a cliche. Because quite frankly, I gave my heart over to you. To give you a closer view of the rhythm it creates when you’re around. A small drop covered by the depth of my emotions. I’m floating. So let me take this time, and give you this small token. You’re in my fantasy, baby can’t you see it. I’m in yours too, you don’t wanna believe it/ I’m not here to convince you otherwise. I’ll be here until you realize.


Dreams keep me invested in a fantasy that's nicely digested because that's the reality I choose to prefect behind my eyelids. I wonder if dreams ever match the rhythm of the heart. The melodic tempo pounding in tune to the matched vibrations of the two that are widely in love. Undoubtedly connected and disjointed. Knowing that this will never have its chance. Losses counted. Adding up to an amount that has no ending. Reality of a dreamed fantasy.

- the late bloomer


“What is depression?

Depression is an old friend who lingers.

Not a very demanding friend, but one that lets me know it’s always there for me.

Offering gifts of confusion, illusion, and pain.

The drug it releases makes me addicted

Leaving me conflicted

As it latches ever so softly to my psyche

Waiting until it’s unlikely that I’ll survive.

So I just try to enjoy the roller coaster ride

Soaking in this deadly high

Choosing to forget that depression is a concept of the mind.

What is depression but merely a moment in time.”              

                            - the late bloomer  



is filled with a love and passion so deep every look into its eyes is everlasting

i’m captured

so perhaps I should

pay attention to what’s before me

and soak in this restoring of self

a constant

So to say, it is Peace

United in the beckoning for warmth from above

Nurtured in the reverence that is

Fueling while in the presence of light

Latching onto energy that is released

Opening every layer that has awaited saving

Wild and vibrantly free is the sanctuary

Enlightened through journeys to and from

Revel... in its stillness.

                                  - the late bloomer  

Confidence & Commitment

Happy New Year to Confidence and Commitment! May the blessings of this year move through every inch of you. From the top of your head, to the vessels of your heart, and the creases of your feet.




- the late bloomer


Frustration & anticipation are the perfect chemical reaction for passion and drive to THRIVE. If you trust it. Step away and move forward out of your complacent comfort. Trust the process. Be aware of The Source. 

                      - the late bloomer  


I’m feeling overjoyed today! Just honest, pure, healthy joy.  And there’s no rhyme or reason to why. It just IS. My spirit is just connected with me today. I truly appreciate moments like this. Though they are not rare, I love to place a name to the feeling. Become so aware of it that it has no choice but to continuously present itself.

                    - the late bloomer  


I am transitioning into being open. I am venturing toward accepting what I can control at the present moment.  











                                             - the late bloomer 

Self Love

I spend way too much time looking in the mirror, never liking what I see. Dissecting every zig and zag that's not lined up symmetrically with what I see as beauty through my dark brown droopy eyes. Oh but wait, I got these thick thighs, those thunder legs. Holding the urge to keep it from going to my head. I wonder what'll happen when my belly fat goes away? Does it enhance other parts of me? My butt? My breast? My sanity? I keep wondering "damn, who gone be checking for me?" Slide so deep into my dms, I find you laying next me, sleeping peacefully. You roll over and kiss me on my cheek. But then I look back up at my dark brown droopy eyes. The idea that I could stop judging what I see. That would be the death of me. I could finally stop Begging to wake up differently. But a Queen never lets her crown fall to the ground. Pick your head up and shine that bright smile.

                                            - the late bloomer

Notebook Blues

Our love faded

Jaded & broken in two

I abandoned you

Or maybe you left me

Trying to force me to see

I am nothing without you

Lost in this world of hopes & dreams

But mine are attached to you, I mean

This is- or was- or is- or was- or is

A cosmically molded connection

We are forever bound

Tied the knot, but forgot the vows.

                                          - the late bloomer

The Concept.

of getting up and doing. of keeping truth inside you.

  • I am feeling anxious about 2018

  • I can't seem to settle on an predicting outcome

  • I am speaking my desires into existence but, sometimes it feels forced; fabricated

  • I have a desire to know exactly what it feels like to achieve my goals

  • I tend to tap into an obsessive personality, as I go down the rabbit hole of my success

    -the late bloomer



Is it possible to mistake the difference between your soulmate and the love of your life? Many of us blend the two together, looking for that one person who comes with the package deal. I know the two pretty much seem the same, but in reality our soulmate is someone who truly understands the trenches we've gone through, because they've been in war with the same thing. They understand why we show the world a smile, but on the inside only wants to burst into tears. They understand why tears quietly fall on our pillow in the middle of the night, because what we've been battling about all day finally wins. Our soulmate knows what makes our heart do backflips from pure joy, or how to counteract our very next sentence with the thought we decided not to say in the first place. What if while we're waiting for our souls to connect with the love, we miss out on what's in front of us. The love of our life comes in and listens to the things you've been through, and sympathizes. They are the fine tuning comfort we need after a long day at work. They strive toward keeping you from harms way at any given moment. The love of our life knows just the spot to kiss on the small of your back as they massage you. Or when to give you your space because you've gotten so worked up, and when to hold you so tightly you can't catch a breath and never let go. When you meet the love of your life you know that's the person you'll marry, have kids, and grow old with. Your soulmate is that person you never want to lose, and that person you can take to the grave, while you compare similar scar wounds. The love of your life and soulmate bare a thin line between the two. Some are even lucky enough to win the golden ticket, with a two in one combo. A wasted life is a life of waiting. Go out there and find the love of your life, your soulmate will come when it's time. Souls have a funny way of tracking each other.

                                                   - the late bloomer