Self Love

I spend way too much time looking in the mirror, never liking what I see. Dissecting every zig and zag that's not lined up symmetrically with what I see as beauty through my dark brown droopy eyes. Oh but wait, I got these thick thighs, those thunder legs. Holding the urge to keep it from going to my head. I wonder what'll happen when my belly fat goes away? Does it enhance other parts of me? My butt? My breast? My sanity? I keep wondering "damn, who gone be checking for me?" Slide so deep into my dms, I find you laying next me, sleeping peacefully. You roll over and kiss me on my cheek. But then I look back up at my dark brown droopy eyes. The idea that I could stop judging what I see. That would be the death of me. I could finally stop Begging to wake up differently. But a Queen never lets her crown fall to the ground. Pick your head up and shine that bright smile.

                                            - the late bloomer